Top Website Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

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When it comes to web design and development, there are numerous trends that come and go. While some of them are purely just visual trends, others can impact the UX of your website.

For example, the year 2021 saw a lot of stress on responsive web design. A responsive website was a must-have feature for any brand that wanted a good online presence. It became so significant that Google factored in responsiveness as a key ranking signal.

In 2022, too, we are going to see numerous web design trends that will dominate the market. Let’s take a look at some of these web design trends here:

Extraordinary Imagery

Image-centric content has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Websites are now using more photos than ever before to showcase products and services, and not just any photos. Consumers want to see captivating images that reflect a brand’s personality or tell a story about its values.

Professionals in web design Dubai are also beginning to use more video content than ever before. As internet speeds improve, consumers are requiring more visual content to keep their attention. Video can be used in many different ways on websites — as background imagery, as part of an animation sequence with text overlay, or just as an explanatory video for a product or service.

Layered Effects

One of the latest trends in website designing is using layered effects. This means adding multiple elements on top of each other and using parallax scrolling effects to create a visually appealing design. Websites that use such techniques take advantage of CSS 3D transforms and jQuery plugins like ScrollMagic, Parallax, WOW etc.

The most common example of this technique is seen on the landing page of Crazy Egg where the designer has used different layers to create a visually appealing effect. Each layer has some text and images which creates a unique effect when scrolled down.

This technique can be used by almost all types of businesses as it makes the site look more attractive than normal.

Even More Complex Gradients

Today, gradients are available in many different forms. It’s not just about linear gradients anymore. Today, you can find radial and angular gradients too.

What’s the difference between radial and angular gradients? The former is like a circular gradient which you can use to create unique effects with overlapping color bands. The latter is a combination of linear and radial gradients. Some examples include stripes and diamonds.

Gradients have gone beyond mere backgrounds now. Web service firms in Dubai are using them for buttons, hero sections, illustrations, and even typography.

Mega Footers

One of the latest trends in web design is mega footers. Footer sections are now evolving into dynamic sections that hold additional content for visitors to browse through. They can include a link to an about us page, contact section, newsletter sign up, and any other links you deem useful.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling allows users to scroll through the site as they normally would, but with an added interactive twist. As they scroll down, each section will move at a different speed than the other sections. This gives your website an almost three-dimensional feel to it.

Split screen aesthetics

Splitscreen is a website design trend, where the screen is divided into two or more sections, each with its own graphic and textual content. With the split-screen design, you can easily present multiple types of contents on a single page. It can help you create an impactful first impression on your visitors.

Split Screen designs are very handy in creative projects as it helps to show different parts of the subject. The beauty of split-screen designs is that they don’t need to be symmetrical. For example, you can divide your screen into two unequal columns and use different background images for each column. You can also use different font sizes, styles, and colors for different sections.

  • Two-column layout: This style is used mainly to showcase a website’s contact information and social media links on one side and product photos on the other side.
  • Three-column layout: This style is ideal for showcasing a business’s services. You can use this style to highlight two or three main services with their respective descriptions.
  • Four-column layout: This style is usually used to showcase various categories of products such as tops and bottoms in fashion websites or themes and plugins in web development sites.

Interactive Typefaces

Interactive typefaces have been around for a few years, but they have yet to become mainstream. They allow viewers to engage in different aspects of the website. Some fonts even change depending on the user’s location or time of day, further enhancing the interactivity.

That said, interactive typefaces are still a niche web design trend that not all businesses can incorporate into their websites. If you feel like your business might benefit from such a feature, definitely give it a try!

Home Pages Without Images

The first thing an experienced digital marketing agency in web development Dubai will tell you is that visual content of a website is very important for the first impression. Images are the main factor that attracts a person, but it is not necessary that the image and information should be on the same page. When a person visits a website, he/she takes a few seconds to decide whether to stay or leave. At this time, if there is a big image on the page, then it will take time to load and people may get bored and leave. For this reason, many websites have removed images from their homepages.

Oversized Pointers

Oversized pointers are one of the most popular trends in web design. This is because they make it extremely easy for users to navigate through pages by clicking on pointers that are much bigger than the usual ones.

In fact, oversized pointers are so popular that they have gone beyond just being a trend and have become a staple in modern website design. If you are looking for ways to improve your website’s interface, then oversized pointers should definitely be on your list.

Black and White Color Schemes

Black and white colors are the “classic” colors that have a very simple and clean graphic look while they are very appealing to the eye. Black & White has a simpler tone than color at the same time, it is more elegant and stylish. This color scheme can be created by a web agency Dubai that provides its services to real estate, fashion or any other business related information.

The black & white color scheme is commonly used for websites, brochure design, and good looking magazine covers etc. It is one of the best choices for designing a website.

Fun, Optimistic Designs

With the world going through an extended period of uncertainty (thanks to COVID-19), consumers are looking for products and services that can help them relax, unwind and escape from reality for a few moments. That’s why we’re seeing so many brands adopting fun, optimistic designs in their website design.

To take advantage of this trend, ensure that your website features fun imagery and upbeat content. You can also make use of bright colors to lift people’s mood when they visit your site.

Abstract Illustration:

Abstract illustrations are a great way to tell a story. A good illustration can capture the essence of your brand in a visual format, and abstract illustrations are no different. Abstract illustrations are ideal for representing themes or concepts by combining images and colors that represent the “abstract” idea.

Designers are also using it as an alternative to traditional photography or stock images, which can be limiting in terms of creativity and customization options. You can use abstract illustrations for icons, backgrounds, headers, or any other part of your website design according to your purpose.

One-page websites

Websites are going the one-page way. This is because, with the rising number of mobile users and the shrinking attention span of users, it is necessary for websites to be shorter, crisper and more functional. One-page websites make it easier for brands to communicate their message with clarity, and have a better chance of making an impact on visitors.

Sites with a strong sense of place

While companies across many sectors are set to continue working remotely, they want their brands to be relatable, personal, and local. As well as helping to build trust with customers, this approach can help sites stand out from competitors

Many businesses are using more authentic imagery and videos on their site – for example, using images taken by team members rather than stock photos. This adds a touch of personality and makes the website feel less generic. This also ties into another big trend for 2021 – hand-drawn illustrations. These can be especially effective for consumer-facing brands as they have an endearing quality that helps to make your brand more approachable and relatable.

Oversized typography

A content-centric approach is a key trend for web design in 2022. It is the focus on the most important thing – the content. As a result, oversized typography has become one of the most popular trends this year. A website should be readable and easily understandable. This trend makes information easy to consume and engage visually with. When used correctly, it can make your site visually appealing and make the text more readable. It can help you draw more attention to some information on your website. It is also an excellent option for those who want to create a minimalist website with impressive visuals.

Gender-neutral design

We live in an era where gender is no longer limited to two categories: female and male, or girl and boy. As more and more people recognize that gender is a spectrum, we see that society is trending towards gender-neutral design. We see this in fashion, with the increasing popularity of brands like Zara or H&M who offer unisex clothing items in their collections, but also in web design.

The use of neutral colors such as white, black and gray for backgrounds is popular among website designers who want to avoid gendered themes. The goal with gender-neutral design implemented by Infobahn website company Dubai is to be inclusive, so that everyone feels included when they visit your website regardless of their gender identity.

Better Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is a relatively new trend in web design that gives interfaces a sleek, glassy and glossy look. This is accomplished with the help of semi-transparent layers, soft drop shadows and vibrant colors. This super-cool effect makes the content pop and stand out on a transparent background.

In 2022, this trend will be further refined as we move towards more visual experiences that help users connect with products, services and brands on a deeper level.

Minimalism will be back with a vengeance

Similarly to 2019, minimalistic websites will be the norm in 2022. Why? This design trend is all about simplicity and uncluttered layouts. It’s known to improve user experience, boost conversions, and increase readability. Minimalist websites have clean lines and flat designs. They also adopt a minimal color palette.

Material Design

The Google-initiated flat design of 2014 was an attempt to make the web look clean and sleek. Gradients, shadows and animations are off the table for the material design. Today, the design trend doesn’t eliminate these elements entirely; instead, it creates a three-dimensional effect using layers, grids and animation.

Material design is a powerful yet simple tool to create visually appealing websites. It not only gives more depth and dimension to your website but also makes your content more engaging and interactive.

One of the goals of material design is to make all elements on the page responsive. Material design gives you more freedom in terms of how you want to arrange your content. You can include background images, videos and other graphic elements in your content without worrying about the responsiveness of the website.


The experts at Infobahn web solution firm in Dubai have unanimously chosen quite a few possibilities that web designers need to watch out for in 2022. Forget those dull and cliched website concepts — these new trends will showcase a picture of your brand’s creativity and how it is different, unique and fresh.


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