How To Get Customers From Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. It has 2.38 billion monthly active users and 1 billion daily active users, who spend an average of 50 minutes per day on the platform. With such a large audience, it makes sense that businesses would want to tap into this audience and get more customers from Facebook

However, many businesses fail to do so because they don’t know how to best leverage the platform for their business needs. Companies offering effective SMO services in Dubai will help you understand how to build your follower base on Facebook and use it as an effective marketing tool for your business.

We find that there are two kinds of customers on Facebook – those who already know what they want and those who don’t know what they need. The first live off data they have gathered on Facebook, while the second spend a lot of time learning what they need but are easily swayed by someone else’s marketing prowess. Either way, there’s absolutely no excuse for not getting customers on Facebook today.

Build Your Audience

  • Create a Facebook page: The first and most effective step to attracting customers is creating a Facebook page. You can create your own business page by going to Settings > Page and then clicking “Create New.” From there, you’ll want to fill out all of the required information: company name, location (or region), website URL and email address.
  • Create a Facebook group: As with pages, you can create groups on your own or manage an existing group that already exists. In order for this option to be successful, it’s important that you have members who are willing and able to participate actively in discussions about your products/services or industry in general
  • Create an event: Events aren’t quite as effective as pages or groups when it comes down to generating leads but they’re still worth mentioning because they’re easy for customers who don’t follow either type of content closely enough yet would still like some kind of introduction before making purchases later down the line.

Create Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the best sites to advertise your products and services, because it has over a billion users who are potential customers. The platform allows you to advertise with the help of Facebook ads, which are highly targeted and can be set up in minutes. Facebook adverts are one of the most effective ways to get customers for your business. They provide an opportunity to reach out to millions of people at once. Experts of an AdWords Agency In Dubai know that when you target your adverts correctly, you are more likely to find the right audience and get more clicks, likes and shares.

Use Video Marketing

You want your audience to engage with your brand and learn about new products. Video marketing is an effective way to do that.

Video is by far the most engaging type of content on Facebook, with 97% of videos watched without sound and 70% watched without any sound at all. In fact, people spend an average of 40 minutes per day watching videos on Facebook alone.

With video marketing you can do so much more than just create engaging ads: You can use it for lead generation, sales promotions, building brand awareness and attracting loyal customers who will buy again and again. All this while saving time writing lengthy text posts or boring descriptions (or being forced into a character limit).

Start with Facebook Reels, which are an amazing way to show off your business and get more customers. Facebook has made it easy for businesses to create, publish and share their videos with their audiences. You can use this tool to showcase your products or services and get people excited about what you have to offer.

Reels can be useful to relay different messages. For example, you can use them to introduce new products or services, promote sales events, announce new hires or even highlight your company culture. Whatever it is you want to show off, Facebook Reels will give you a chance to shine.

Use Facebook Analytics To Schedule and Target Your Post

The other thing that Infobahn social media consultancy and other leading agencies look into is to analyse your existing data and find out what kind of people are already engaging with your content. Using Facebook Insights, you can see which times of day are best for engaging with fans. You can also see which posts get the most clicks, likes and comments.

This information will help you determine when to post on your page, and what types of content encourage engagement. Analyse your website traffic to see where most of your visitors come from (e.g., Facebook, Google, Twitter). You can get this information from Google Analytics or any other website analytics tool.

Start an Online Community for Your Customer

One of the easiest ways to generate leads on Facebook is by creating an online community for your customers. This is especially true when you have a product or service that requires a high level of customer engagement.

For example, when you’re selling software, start a group where people can share their questions and answers about using the software. If you’re selling fitness products, start a group where people can share training tips and recipes.

Suppose you’re selling a product that requires lengthy discussion to explain properly, start an online community where customers can learn more about it from each other. The benefit here is that these groups create a sense of community among your customers, which will make them feel more loyal to you (as well as more likely to buy more things from you).

Advertise on Groups

An online advertising company in Dubai advertises on Facebook groups. Groups are a great way to reach your target audience because they’re based on interests and hobbies, which means people with similar interests are more likely to join them. The other advantage is that the group owner has control over who joins the group and what content is posted in it.

To advertise on groups

1) Go to Facebook Ads Manager and click Create Ad in the top-right corner.

2) Fill out your ad details and choose Connections from the Audience menu.

3) Select Interests & Behaviours from the left-hand menu for further targeting options, then select Groups under Interests & Behaviours.

4) You can now select specific groups or use the advanced search feature to find relevant groups for your business or industry

Don’t Ignore Non-buyers Because They’re a Great Source of Free Advertising

Those who don’t purchase from you may still provide feedback that helps shape your future content strategy. They may also help spread the word about what you offer and why it’s great, which can lead to more sales in the long run.

Assuming you want to increase your social media presence, then look at what kinds of content these customers enjoy. You’ll need to find a balance between providing them with information they want and asking them for feedback on what they think is missing or could be improved upon.

This is especially important if you’re trying to build a community around your brand. Having a strong online presence isn’t just about selling products — it’s also about providing value through engagement with other people who share similar interests and goals as yours.


In the end, it really comes down to what you’re trying to achieve with your Facebook presence. Each of these options can be useful depending on your goals, and the amount of time and energy you want to put into your marketing. Are there facebook marketing inhibitions impacting the number of customers you get to promote your online business? Reach out to Infobahn, a lead generation agency in Dubai with years of experience in boosting lead generation for digital agencies


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