Digital Marketing News and Update 2022/: Transforming Online Platforms

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about digital marketing news and updates on platforms – like how they can increase conversion rates, help create pockets of data for your business, or even make it easy for you to work with multiple campaigns.

But what are the functions of these platforms? What are their advantages and disadvantages? And most importantly, how do their features affect online advertising? This article by a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai will explore some of the digital marketing news and updates from new technology to automated targeting to AI and VR in online marketing platforms.


1. Twitter testing the Article option.

Twitter tests the new article option that would enable long-form posts.
Twitter has been trying to find the best way that allows users to share more detailed thoughts and comments in the app replacing screenshot texts.

This will simplify search, enabling users to share easy-to-read paragraphs.
The article option value will lie in its function however some ask if there will be value in driving referral traffic to long-form posts on the app whereas you could direct them to your website instead.

Let’s wait and see, if there be, the possibilities presented by this feature of digital marketing news and updates.

2. Instagram with an option to rearrange profile posts display.

Instagram is testing an option where users can rearrange the photos on their profile display i.e take an old 2021 photo and put it above to seem like a recent photo, more like a pin.
The new “Edit Grid” option could allow users to rearrange posts and create their own timeline.
There’s no word on whether this will roll out and be active, but it might be worth trying. If it works, it could make it easier to showcase your best posts and make them more eye-catching.

3. Instagram updated the Poll sticker

Instagram has quietly updated their Poll Sticker which now includes up to four response options, doubling the poll’s response choices. You can share with your viewers what they will be voting for by including more of your brand story.

Quizzes allow you to use polls that are accessible and simple while not sacrificing interactivity or depth. With four response panels, these interactive answer selections give you the opportunity to give your followers detailed feedback on many new aspects of your products.

Recently, Instagram has added more options, such as changing the color of poll sticker question text and enabling users to add comments. Users should not fear that these other responses will crowd out likes or use other less common votes such as ‘haha’.

The update by Instagram expands the response options in polls and now includes typing, voice, and drawings so you can communicate different responses to your followers. To see if you have updated to the latest app download, update to Instagram and update your profile information profile.

4. TikTok Tactics

TikTok launched a new online course called ‘TikTok Tactics’ which is a best practice guide to advertising on the platform. The 15-part course will have lessons on attribution, targeting, creative best practices and more.

The newly integrated marketing course that design will help marketers level-up their approach to promoting brands on the platform.

Being logical as it grows your platform presence, this is one way your company will benefit from TikTok tools. It also guides users further into TikTok’s own features and engineering, benefiting them by attracting marketers through advertisers to more revenue.

5. Snapchat Catalog Lenses

SnapChat is introducing augmented reality (AR) shopping lenses with the release of new “Catalog-Powered Shopping Lenses”, providing retailers more virtual try on options for their customers.

For example, the new Snapchat product allows users to quickly scan through items by moving their camera. This occurs by acquiring detailed information about each item, including price.

The new initiative will strengthen the corporation’s direct marketing capabilities, driving user engagement for brands. Companies have the chance to receive feedback, in real-time, when they notice one product is gaining more views than others.

6. Hootsuite\’s infographic on social media image size requirements

Hootsuite is here to help you figure out your social media photos by giving you an easy-to-use guide for the key sizes.

In order to make sure your content complies with image requirements from the major social media platforms, it is worth reviewing your visual components – including profile images.

Hootsuite will send you regular updates informing you which platform has updated its size requirements, so you can ensure you’re always up-to-date.

7. Twitter Launches New ‘Toolbox’ Hub

Twitter has announced a new ‘Twitter Toolbox’ hub, where it will highlight helpful tools to help you get the most out of Twitter creation, moderation and analytics. Currently, you can find promoted tweets and analytics tools tailored to deciphering your twitter activity, managing your notifications and more.

Another feature of this Twitter tool is that it will allow users to access expression tools, safety tools and measurement tools.

8. Instagram experiments with longer reel clips for the stories, highlights and reels

Instagram has introduced a new process which allows users to easily convert their Stories highlights into Reels clips. The new process is an example of how Instagram tries to cultivate longer video content.

The new feature on Instagram adds a whole new way to create Reels content. The process enables you to sync the highlight to music, providing a synced audio-visual experience.

Brands can now string together multiple responses from a single chat to deliver everything from customer support from a single conversation, flexibility in choice of responses without adding complication, and simplify conversations.

9. Twitter is testing an option for Direct Messages

Twitter is exploring a new way for users to have private conversations on the app now that it has added a Direct Message from Tweet option. The Direct Message from Tweet option could be a step that brings Twitter’s DM experience more in line with its key competitor, Facebook.

The new feature to help with engagement on tweets and provide additional data for marketers looking to improve their ROI, but these features are not the same as ones tested in 2016.

With this private mode, brands are able to contact customers more directly through the app. This would potentially allow brands to get in touch quickly, while facilitating more private chats.

Working with iOS users for now, and will be exciting to see what Twitter can learn through this small-scale test.

10. Google adds new exposure frequency controls for CTV campaigns

Google has added new features to CTV campaigns, including reach controls for advertisers enabling broader exposure for lower cost. These sophisticated ad tools give advertisers the power to be in control of when and where their ads could show in order to reach more audience members.

This helps advertisers to also avoid oversaturation in their ads, which can give people an eerie feeling when they see them too often.

As an experienced online advertising company in Dubai we advise that if increasing brand awareness is your goal, new Google controls could help boost general exposure for less money.

By using YouTube data and the IAB standard Identifier for Advertising to determine ad exposure, Google made the change to limit the number of times an individual sees an ad.


Online platforms are transforming the digital marketing landscape. According to digital marketing news and updates, these platforms will be the new marketing battleground, and they’re changing how consumers interact with brands. Platforms like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple are driving this change by making it easier to browse, find information and purchase products.

Don’t be left out! Embrace these digital marketing news and updates to engage with your online audience, generate leads and build a strong customer base. Get in touch with an online marketing agency in Dubai, UAE that will keep you abreast with these changes and trends.


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