Why should you invest in SEO?

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A very common term that pops up in Digital Marketing is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and basically helps your website appear above other websites when a user searches for a particular keyword. In this modern world where everything is one google search away, it is crucial for your website to appear at least on the first page of the search results, if not at the top to generate more business! Here are 5 ways in which Infobahn can help you grow your business with SEO:

1. SEO attracts the right people

Unlike other traditional marketing channels where an advertisement was shown to a lot of different people, SEO is more targeted. It only shows content to the relevant people who are interested in that particular kind of content, saving you the time, effort and money of mass targeting irrelevant audience! In addition to this, since the people targeted are already interested in your products/business, there is a higher chance of making a transaction. This maintains the reputation of your business unlike Spam E-mails, Phone calls and Advertisements that interrupt the users and result in saving the ‘annoying’ term customer’s give to such companies.

2. SEO is inexpensive

SEO works in a very different way where search engines have a pre-defined algorithm that decides whether the content on a particular website is relevant to what the user is looking for and displays them in that particular order. Factors such as Keywords, Security of the website, age etc play a crucial role in helping the algorithm choose your website over the others. Thus, a well designed and structured website can appear on top for weeks, months or even years with a one time expense of getting it set up by Infobahn! You won’t have to keep paying for every click or view that your ad receives like advertisements.

3. SEO generates more traffic than Pay Per Click Advertisements

According to a study by, 71.33% of all searches end up clicking an organic result. People are smart and they trust Google’s algorithm better than what they see at the top of the page as a paid ad. Thus, if you appear on the first page of the google search, chances are your website will receive more exposure than those spending hundreds of dollars each month on PPC.

4. SEO can boost your Public Relations

Public Relation is a combination of your Reputation, Message and Relationships. SEO can be used to specifically improve each of these factors by:

i. Reputation: As everyone knows that the top results are the best results on a search page, it helps build your reputation as a good company if your website appears at the top for a couple of searches.

ii. Message: SEO helps deliver the message to the most relevant users and eliminates the complications of mass delivering the message to a larger audience who might not even be interested in the content.

iii. Relationships: Creating links with respectable sites is a primary segment of any SEO technique. This implies that most critical piece of a SEO expert’s main responsibility is to recognize open doors for placing or inclusion on various blogs, news distributions, and other applicable websites.

5. SEO gives you an advantage over your competition

If you have invested in Digital Marketing, chances are that your competition did too! In order to stay ahead in the competition, SEO is a very important aspect as it is pretty much the base of Digital Marketing being one of the simplest yet the most staple of any strategy. Improving the SEO of a website has become a top priority amongst marketers!

So what are you waiting for? Approach Infobahn today and let the online presence of your company be handled by the experts of Digital Marketing!

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