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1. Update Old Posts

Instead of changing the year the post was published, update the content as well. Google identifies content that is fresh and currently highly ranked and also readers are very much alert. 

  • Update content on pages with the most traffic, and make most viewed blogs, sites or articles better. 
  • Make the most popular content featured with more links.
  • With the first pages of SERPs, move from low page one to high page one with a simple content update. 
  • Update pages or sites with low CTR and high impressions. Check the search intent, meta descriptions, title tags to boost the click-through rate from SERPs.

Specialists in search engine optimization in Dubai know that not all pages need to be updated.

2. Remove content

Before adding new content, remove low-quality and valueless content. Google algorithm has content signals that exterminate such content. 

The best online marketing agency in Dubai, Infobahn, has experts who tell websites that publishing anything doesn’t improve their SEO. Remove or update thin and low-performing pages. They have a way of diluting the page authority if high-quality content and in turn, it costs you traffic.

3. Don’t rank all your content

Not every piece of content deserves to be ranked for competitive keywords and optimized. Whether it’s a blog post, a video, or a service page it necessarily doesn’t have to be optimized for search on Google. 

4. Be attentive

Almost 95% of anyone who encounters your marketing communications online is not interested at the moment. They are out of the market and may never get back in over days, months, years or. We focus on organic search results that we let escape our thoughts the need to stay attentive for it to work. 

Let’s get real here, how many times have you clicked on a website link, read the whole article, came across what you sought and left the website without knowing who wrote it. It happens a lot. Therefore you need to keep your reader alert on your brand. A leading company in search engine optimization Dubai, UAE uses content marketing tools like;

  • Branded newsletter
  • Podcasts
  • Masterclass
  • Events
  • Blog subscription
  • Series of emails, blogs, or videos.

5. Reduce your dependence on SEO

There’s no doubt that SEO can drive thousands of organic visitors who convert into buyers to your website. And most specialists get blinded with the numbers and one SEO trick becomes overused. 

Today, most people are over-reliant on search engine optimization activities. They spend too much effort and time on increasing the number of keywords ranked organically rather than focusing on increasing the number of people in search of your brand online. 

Did you know that a strong brand has more search volume than all the unbranded combined? How does this work? In place, we could have branded search queries such as Infobahn reviews or any other brand-specific term. 

In the end, you are working to reduce your dependence on Google and rank for most branded search queries naturally. Therefore, allow the best SEO agency in Dubai to brand your thoughts and ideas. 

6. Avoid relying on keyword rankings

Here are reasons as to why;

  • A huge number of your traffic won’t come from keywords you keep a track of. 
  • Page one is non-existent in that personalized search results are different for everyone. 
  • Google ranks answers, not keywords. You can rank for keywords that don’t appear on your site, which is hard to track. 
  • Changing SERP layouts is not accounted for by keyword ranking.
  • Keyword rankings don’t show if the visitor purchased, subscribed or left, etc after the click.
  • We hope you are aware that not all keywords are relevant therefore their rankings don’t account for a decline in interest over time. 

This does not mean you shut off your keyword tracking operations. Just don’t fall for the numbers. 

7. Purchase a high domain authority website

With money, get a domain in your niche with existing domain authority, subscribers, traffic, ghost-writers, etc., or even boost your Google search results.

8. Build your PR

Good SEO results are a reward of exceptional digital marketing and you cannot market without a pinch of Public Relations. It is a discipline that involves the company communicating with the public to build mutual relationships. PR changes the public perception of your brand. 

Look at it this way; The SEO process first begins with researching for something you will use to rank for organic results, link it with a linkable asset, get attention and deliver value, boost the link to the public and receive free publicity – All this is PR. 

Working with a digital marketing agency in Dubai that understands PR and community building is better for your company than an individual obsessed with Google algorithms. 

Next time you are sourcing a high domain authority backlink, look for a PR expert.

9. SEO influencer marketing

Without the support of influence, it is tough to have a successful SEO program. Have a group of experts and influencers who can share your content and add links that will lead people back to your website (referral traffic). Instead of starting from scratch when you publish an article, a company that specializes in search engine marketing in Dubai, UAE shares the work with influencers to distribute the marketing communications items. Such as Slack groups e.g. FB groups join as many as you can. A slack group of employees, industry colleagues, publishers, reporters, and audience.

10. Follow Google to identify new trends, news, and changes

Everything Google says has been in action, from semantic search, search intent, SEO, structured data, and mobile-first index. The most resourceful internet marketing in Dubai is aware that Google keeps adding new user experience ranking factors to their algorithms such as mobile website-version and pop-ups.

11. Work on how to minimize returns

Google is our biggest competitor because it keeps visitors within their surroundings, something you’ll identify after having a chat with a leading Google AdWords agency in Dubai. Therefore you can always practice organic, paid, or zero-click searches. Why should you plan accordingly? Because:

  • With mobile, the CTRs are reduced.
  • There is lots of competition, so many websites, thus fewer spots which means less traffic.

12. Be the last click

Provide content that gives the readers answers to what they are looking for. Be deep and offer long-form content. Nothing feels good like extracting value from an SEO as an organic visitor. Things like dwell time, bounce rate, time on page, or pogo-sticking are some factors that Google uses to provide behavior metrics.

13. Let your content complete the objectives of the visitors

Consider the questions that arise from visitors as they read your content and also ensure it covers the question and answer.

14. Don’t be stingy

SEO is not always free. If you wait for your website to generate enough organic traffic for free you’ll wait for years. Spend some money and get tons of traffic and publicity. Cheap SEO equals wasted time and money.

Final Words:

Resourceful SEO strategies narrow down to utilizing the parts that no one is yet to exploit. We hope the shared tips help you and your website uncover the SEO benefits that you haven’t uncovered yet.

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