Tips to Enhance Your SEM Strategy.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an effective marketing tool that helps businesses grow. With over four billion internet users surfing the web, research reveals that Google processes two trillion searches each year. As internet users are only expected to rise in the years the come, the number of searches will simultaneously increase. However, with more people coming online, the competition between companies will also grow. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to continually educate themselves and improve their strategies to stand out and capture maximum visitors. We have curated a list of tips to enhance your SEM strategy.

1. Choose the Relevant Platform.

When advertising a product/service, it is necessary to choose a platform that is relevant to your audience. For instance, Google has the largest market share with 91%; however, if you are marketing in China, Baidu is the Chinese search engine to use. Similarly, each search engine works on a different algorithm. To reach a higher audience, experts suggest that marketers need to optimize according to language, culture, and technology. Therefore, choose the relevant platform while advertising.

2. Research Relevant Keywords.

In the world of SEO, keywords are both clues and personas. With the help of keywords, you understand that people are searching for and what they need. In terms of persona, keywords help you know who your audience and provides an exclusive list of the relevant audience. Frequent research will enhance your keyword list. The chosen keywords can be added to the URLs, title tags, photo/video names, schema markups, and more.

3. Regular A/B Test.

A/B tests are evaluating two advertisements to analyze which one performs better. In SEM, A/B tests are essential as it helps improve content engagement, increase conversion rates, reduce bounce rates, and many more. As each industry is unique, it is necessary to test which variation of the content consistently performs better. There are three places where you can A/B test in SEM strategy; (a) keywords (b) ads, and ( c) landing pages. According to marketing professionals, even if you have found one way to advertise, you must consistently test and research new ways. There are many elements to test in an SEM funnel; therefore, regularly trail and discover new avenues.

4. Don’t Forget the Landing Page.

While discussing SEM strategies, businesses often ignore the landing pages. However, landing pages are an essential element in your SEM strategy. After a user clicks on your ad, the landing page is the first component they interact with. In some cases, it is appropriate to send users to home pages, whereas, in other situations, you need to design landing pages that are relevant to the ads carefully. When creating a page,
(a) inform visitors what to do,
(b) avoid unnecessary distractions,
(c ) prominently display your CTAs (call to action),
(d) add the logo and contact information,
(e) build trust by adding testimonials, and
(f) keep the design simple.

As you can see, there are various tips and tricks to optimizing your SEM strategy. If you need access to advanced tools and expertise, hiring an SEM agency is the right option. Contact Infobahn Consultancy; we are the leading SEM agency in Dubai, UAE. With over 13 years of experience and 6,000 satisfied clients, you can count on us to perfect your SEM strategy.

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