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Five Simple SEO Tips for Beginners (2020 Edition)

Diving into the world of SEO can be daunting for beginners. The complexity, evolving algorithms, and numerous strategies make SEO a difficult subject. However, the advantages of SEO are far superior to its challenges. That is why countless individuals have shifted their focus to understanding SEO. Although there are tremendous topics to learn within SEO, some fundamental tips are worthy of attention if you are searching for a quick and easy boost. Here are five tips to increase organic traffic.

1. Research Relevant Keywords

Keywords are essential for the success of any SEO strategy. In SEO, keywords allow users to find your website through relevant terms. For instance, if you run an SEO company in Dubai, UAE, your target audience will mostly search with keywords like:

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With the help of Google suggestions and keyword tools, you can gather a wide array of words relevant to the website. There are few factors to consider while researching keywords, they are:

A: The Tripod Rule – According to experts, the ideal keyword depends on three essential factors. The keyword must be popular, rankable, and relevant.

B: Long-tail vs. short-tail SEO – If you started a website recently, experts suggest using long-tail
keywords. This is because the queries generated through these keywords are highly specific, and therefore people tend to engage longer.

C: Keyword difficulty – Analyzing the keywords for how easy/hard it is to find is another useful way to find the ideal set of keywords. The difficulty board ranges from 0-100; as the score increases, the
chances of ranking #1 on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) reduces.

2. Optimize Page Titles & Meta Description

Meta tags, a part of HTML, describes the website’s content. Meta titles and meta descriptions are the
most important meta tags. Although meta titles and descriptions are packed with keywords, it does not directly influence the ranking. However, it still remains an essential element that impacts CTR (click- through rate) and user engagement. Once you have a finalized list of keywords, you need to integrate it into:

A: Titles tags & amp; headlines – Create engaging titles that draw readers to viewing your content. Use the main keyword with the headlines & titles as it will guide more readers.

B: URLs – Ensure that the URLs are SEO-friendly.

C: Visuals – Incorporating images, videos, and other multimedia are great ways to attract users. When using visuals, do not forget to optimize them with proper file names.

3. Quality Content

Once the page is set up, the content within the website needs to be optimized appropriately. Quality is
critical when creating content. You can create any form of content like blogs, reviews, case studies,
infographics, videos, and ebooks. Whatever type you choose, the only rule is; the material needs to be
original and engaging.

4. Optimize Business Across Web

A website is crucial for building brand trust and a successful SEO strategy. However, your website is not the only place users will visit. Business directories and social media are other common platforms that provide related details about your company. Therefore, it is essential to update all business listings with the right contact information and a summary of the services you provide. Similarly, update relevant social media platforms.

5. Relevant Links

Linking building is an essential step in an SEO strategy. Link building refers to getting links from other websites. In the world of SEO, search engines are continually exploring new content and determining the authority of a website through the authority passed on from external sources. There are two types of backlinks (a) do-follow backlinks and (b) no-follow backlinks. From an SEO perspective, no –follow backlinks do not score well and have no value. Although it may sound simple, beginners often find link building difficult. But no need to worry, here are some simple link building strategies to follow:

A: Guest Posting – The popular method of link building is guest posting. Guest refers to when you post content on another website. It mutually benefits both platforms as you get backlinks, and they get free content. However, quality should always be a priority.

B: Competitor’s backlinks – Although time-consuming, analyzing competitor’s backlinks helps you
understand what works for others and create better content that will motivate them to replace
competitor’s content with yours. Other methods of link building include; content-based link building,
social backlinks, PR articles, writing testimonials, backlinks from forums, and Q&A sites.

These are some of the simple yet effective ways to boost traffic. It is normal for beginners to be
intimidated by the world of SEO. However, with practice, you will soon understand and develop tactics perfect for your firm. If along the way you need professional assistance for that additional boost, contact Infobahn Consultancy. With over 13 years of experience, Infobahn Consultancy has served 6,000 clients and quickly become the leading SEO company in Dubai, UAE. We guarantee to guide and educate you on this exciting journey to discovering SEO.

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