Top 6 Website Mistakes


Technology has completely reshaped our world. From conversing to purchasing, we are now dependent on our smartphones. With the rise of mobiles and increased access to the internet, new groups of people enter the virtual world regularly. As much of the consumers are online, developing a website has become mandatory for the survival of any business. According to a recent news article published in 2020, there are over one billion websites in the world.

Moreover, the study added that approximately 380 websites are built every minute. With countless
businesses entering the web designing world, they are prone to making several common errors if a
professional web developer is not involved. Here is a list of the frequently found website problems.

1. Outdated Design

New trends continually impact web designing. As technology evolves every day, the expectations from a website also change. Nowadays, viewers need more dynamic and interactive sites. In fact, a recent study revealed how 94% of the first impression is design-related. Moreover, 46% of viewers base the credibility of business on the website’s visuals and aesthetics. Therefore, merely developing a site is not enough. Companies need to create a website that represents their brand and frequently update it to stay relevant.

2. Slow Pages

One of the factors that significantly influence the user experience is speed. With the rapid advancement in technology, we are now accustomed to receiving information within a few seconds. And the need for speed has also entered the world of web designing. Studies revealed that 39% of people would stop engaging with a website if it takes too long to load. The same study also stated how viewers expect a site to load within a maximum of two seconds. Similarly, Google recently announced that it would be penalizing sites with slow loading pages. If you have a slow website, take advantage of Google’s Page Speed Insights Tools. It analyzes your website and determines the elements that slow it down.

3. Poor Content

Another problem that is frequently found within websites is poor content. Often, businesses do not pay enough attention to high-quality content. Writing valuable and informative content is just as important as the design within a website.

4. Poor SEO

T SEO, you can ensure that most users visit your site. Not only does it position you higher, but it also improves user-experience and put you ahead of the competition. The solution to this problem is to hire an experienced employee or agency that can enhance SEO.

5. No CTAs

Call to action (CTAs) are an essential element of web designing that, unfortunately, many business owners often neglect. Once the customer reaches the website, it is crucial to provide them with adequate information to complete the experience. Usually, CTAs have an incentive attached, such as downloading premium content, subscribing to a newsletter, or receiving exclusive service.

6. Broken Links

Broken links are links that do not work. It occurs when a page is removed, or when it moves, or the URL structure of the webpage has changed. Broken links are one of the common mistakes every business usually makes. Not only does it frustrate users, but it also ruins the professionalism of your website.

Although there are countless mistakes, there are no problems without a relevant website solution. If
you need effective techniques for handling these common mistakes, contact Infobahn Consultancy. We are the leading website solutions company in Dubai, UAE. With over 13 years of experience and 6,000 satisfied clients, you can count on us to develop a flawless professional website.

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