Give potential customers what they want – not what you want.

potential customers

Consumers want instant access to key information with an explanation of how your company’s products or services will benefit them. They’re asking, “What can you do for me?” They need to be able to browse quickly through options that appeal to them —rather than to you or your company—and to be intrigued enough to take the next step in the conversion cycle.

Successful marketing involves taking the time to discover what you do well and exploiting these strengths through every channel that projects your brand. It also involves making sure your selling process matches the buying processes of the consumers you’re trying to attract.

Consider the wise words of business legend and writer Napoleon Hill, author of the classic Think and Grow Rich:

“It is as useless to try to sell a man something until you have first made him want to listen, as it would be to command the earth to stop rotating.”
What does this mean? It means you must create substantial interest in your product or service—build up a darn good case for it!—BEFORE you even try to explain how potential customers can make a purchase.

Stale brands = stale sales.

Both new and established companies alike need to update their brands continually.

A powerful brand should never be abandoned or risk becoming “stale” for lack of updating and enhancements. Good brands are altered frequently to stay ahead of the competition and to continually arouse consumer interest.

McDonald’s didn’t have Chicken McNuggets or Garden Salads in 1975. Microsoft and Google seem to present new products, offers, services and programs every week!
Successful companies update their brands, enhance their products and services, and create new interest through innovative marketing throughout each fiscal year. They realize that branding is about the total customer experience.

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