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Dubai SEO Services

Local SEO is meant for businesses that have a brick and mortar presence. Let’s say you have a restaurant and wish to market your business to people who stay close to your shop’s location. In such a scenario, local SEO can be of immense help for you. There are many agencies that can help you with local SEO, if you are looking for the same in dubai, you can get the options by searching on the internet for ‘Dubai SEO services near me’

To help you get a better idea, here is everything you need you need to know about local SEO :

What is local SEO?

Optimising your online presence for increased footfall, visibility and brand awareness is called local SEO. The target audience for local SEO are the people who live close to your brand’s physical location. Do you know about 30% of Google searches are related to location. That’s more than a billion searches per day! Having a geographical presence is important, even if you are an international brand. Given the variation in the target audience, a few people might find it difficult to grasp the concept of local SEO. However, getting yourself Dubai SEO services will help you to not only understand the process but to also enjoy a positive ROI.

How does local SEO work?

Local SEO works similar to a traditional SEO effort. Keywords, meta tags and titles, blogs, on page and off page activities, all play an important role in local SEO. However, in addition to these, to factor in the geographical priority, Google also checks the following three factors:

  • Relevance

How relevant is your business to the query of the searcher.

  • Distance

How far is your business from the searcher.

  • Prominence

Why are you more important than your competitors to the searcher.



Components of local SEO

Local SEO comprises of two segments: 

  • The Local Pack

Local packs in SEO compromise the first few results you see when you run a search. For better understanding, search on Google ‘Restaurants near me’, the restaurants that show up with images, distance and a google map on the right side of the screen are a part of the local pack. This is the crux of local SEO. Dubai SEO services can be quite helpful if you wish to list your business in the local pack results.

  • The Organic Pack

The results that show up after the local pack are known as organic SEO. These are links that direct the traffic directly to your website.

How to optimise your business for local SEO?

  • Set up a Google business profile.

Previously known as Google Business, Google Business Profile is a free business profile on Google that contains information about your geographical location, phone number and customer review. This is the most important part of local SEO. To make the most out of your business profile:

  • Set detailed business hours,
  • Set various attributes to describe your business (like outdoor seating, wifi, etc.),
  • Upload photos and videos regularly.
  • Get your business NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) citations.

NAP citations are nothing but the listings of your business on third party websites. For example, you are a restaurant who is listed on yellow pages and other local business directories.

Local SEO is important for all but is the most essential for businesses that have a brick and mortar presence. If you want to get more footfall in your local shop in Dubai, you should consider getting your business Dubai SEO services as they offer you local SEO services as well.

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