Active Marketing

Break down communication barriers to reach a worldwide market

You have a great product, a motivated, energetic workforce, and a proven business model. But how do you reach customers beyond your town, region or national borders?

Building that kind of marketing capability will take time, if you do it yourself, and you have to focus on operations, marketing, accounting and other business essentials. Infobahn Consultancy has the kind of expertise you need in active marketing using the Internet.

We run permission-based email shots, mailing lists and customer databases for SMS campaigns and can get your message to literally hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies around the world. We do not do spam, so your messages are not blocked by spam filters.

We help you to design your message, then we use our technology to send it through cyberspace. You follow up the leads we generate and turn them into profitable sales.

Contact us to find out more about our active marketing services.

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