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SEO services company in Dubai

An HTML code that points to the title of your web page is called title tag. The title of the web page appears in search engine results, social media posts, and browser tabs. If you approach any SEO services company in Dubai, they will tell you the power of title tags for your business. 

A good title tag is one of the easiest ways to help improve your rankings on Google. They signal Google about the topic of your page. Title tags are the links that appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Here are 3 ways to write better title tags for your page:

  • Get the right word length

Google typically allows 50 to 60 characters as title tags. Anything more than this gets cut off from the SERP. Writing the summary of your webpage in such a short format may be difficult for many. However, SEO services company in Dubai are more than capable of performing this and hence, if you want the best title tags for your website,  you should consider hiring professionals. The title tags need to be brief and informative. They should summarise the webpage perfectly and give adequate information to Google and the reader about the topic of the webpage.

For precise title tags, you can use the following tips :

  • Avoid typing in all caps as this increases the amount of space required.
  • If possible, do not use your brand name in the title tag.
  • Use symbols to save space. For example, instead of writing ‘and’ use the symbol ‘&’.

2)  Write original titles

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind when writing title tags for your website. The title of your webpage shows up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and is the first thing that the searcher sees about your brand. If the title is generic and does not provide any new information, there are very few chances that the person will click on the link and visit your page. Make sure that you include a keyword in the title as this will resonate with the searcher’s intent and give them a reason to click on the link (it relates to what they are searching for).


One of the biggest problems that agencies face is that sooner or later they run out of ideas. However, if you go to a reputed SEO services company in Dubai, this will not be a problem as they know how to handle the writer’s block.

3) Target one keyword per page per title

Whether it is SEO or getting a job, you should never look too desperate. Looking desperate hurts your credibility and gives a negative impression to the other person. In the same way, targeting more than one keyword per page or commonly known as keyword stuffing can hurt the ranking of your page. Diving deeper, if you have multiple keywords in your title tag, there are chances that the users will get confused and avoid clicking on your link as they do not understand if you are talking about what they want to know.

With these three tips, you can easily write awesome title tags for your website. If you find it difficult to write catchy titles, do not shy away from hiring an SEO services company in Dubai as your title is what brings traffic to your website

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