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SEO company in Sharjah

SEO has been in practice for over a century now. However, it is a fast evolving landscape and hence, quite challenging to catch up for a new entrant. If you are reading this article, it is probably because you work in the SEO industry or are a sceptical client who is re-thinking their SEO needs.

While you can do the SEO on your own, there are many things in this field that only come with experience. Hence, more often than not, it is typically a good idea to partner with an SEO company in Sharjah to help you optimise your website for searches on the internet. If you are planning to the SEO on your own, here are 5 myths that you need to be aware of:

  • Emojis in meta description decrease traffic

This is far from the truth. However, since we are conservative creatures, we usually tend to rely on our traditional ways. Adding emojis to your meta descriptions increases the traffic by 4%. This is a small change but at least it is positive and not negative.

  • Pipes are better than dashes in title tags

This is a hard myth to debunk. If you look at it logically, pipes take fewer pixels in terms of width when compared to dashes. Implying, they are better than dashes because google only gives you a limited number of pixels for your title tags. However, nobody uses pipes in their content in real life. Dashes are more practical, though they take up more space. And since, the wider audience is more comfortable with reading dashes as compared to pipes, titles with dashes have shown a 9% increase in their click ratio as compared to their pipe counterparts. Such insights are experience driven and hence, prove the point that partnering with an SEO company in Sharjah is the best way to get your website SEO optimised.



  • Sentence case is better than title case for title

Don’t we love a little paradox every now and then. Given the evolving nature of SEO, professionals harp on the fact that sentence cases are better suited for titles than the title case itself. The irony. Here, the old saying holds true, ‘if it is easier to scan, it is probably better’. Implying, title cases are actually better than sentence cases for titles as they make the text easier to read for the searchers.

  • CSS font weight is better for your H1

If you don’t already know, H1 is your heading 1. Many SEO novices think that using CSS font weight for H1 actually yields better results. However, nothing could be farther than the truth. Using the CSS font weighted H1 actually reduces the organic click rate by 7%. Astonishing but true. Hence, regardless of what a newbie might say, a professional SEO company in Sharjah would never use CSS font weight for their H1.

The SEO industry changes the rules of the game quite frequently. Hence, it is required to stay updated with the latest trends and requirements of the field for better results. While you, as a business owner, have a lot of things to manage other than just the SEO of your website, it is better to outsource this service to an SEO company in Sharjah and get the results you desire without extra hassle!

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