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SEO company in Deira

Do you know that 61% of businesses worldwide have reported that SEO efforts have generated more leads than other marketing strategies? This statistic directly implies that it pays to be where your customers are and they are on Google searching for your products and services!

Modern businesses understand the need for search engine optimization for their website and hence partner with an SEO company in Deira to fulfil their need . This SEO effort is coupled with writing blogs and many other on-page and off-page activities. Out of the lot, blogs are the biggest contributors to SEO efforts and hence are required to be fully optimised for ranking your website above your competitors. But, how do you optimise your blogs for SEO? Let’s find out!

  • Identify your target audience

When your business functions in a specific industry, it is futile to talk to a generalised audience as not everyone is a potential customer. If you sell industrial services, you would not want to market your services to a customer service representative of a telecom company, right? Identifying your target audience allows you to speak directly to them and put out content that relates to your potential customers.

  • Perform keyword research

Google links the searched keyword to the information available about the same on the internet. The most relevant content in regards to the searched keyword is shown at the top. It is important for your blog to contain the most relevant and commonly used keywords for your industry of function. This is easy to do if you have experience in the SEO field, else it is a better idea to partner with an SEO company in Deira.



  • Use visuals

For many keywords, Google gives value to visuals. For many keyword searches, Google shows images and videos that are the most relevant to the search. Here it is important to know that just uploading an image or a video along with your blog will not rank you higher in the search results. To rank above your competitors and have your image or video shown in the top of the search results, you would need to add descriptive alt text and use original photos and videos.

  • Add an attention-grabbing title

These days the attention span of online audiences has decreased dramatically. You only have a second or two to entice your potential customer to click on your blog and get redirected to your website. Writing a catchy title is not hard but it also can not be a clickbait as this directly impacts your credibility as a business. An SEO company in Deira would have experience in writing blogs and hence, they would be able to come up with catch titles with ease. Instead of taking SEO efforts in your hands and generating low ROI, it is better to partner with them and get the best results for your investment.

Writing blogs is important to enhance the SEO of your website. While there are many AI tools to automate your content generation process, improving the same for SEO is a challenge for many. SEO, just like any other advertising channels, can be paid and unpaid. Using a healthy mix of the two ensures you get the best results. While doing the SEO process on your own may turn out to be cumbersome, partnering with an SEO company in Deira will ensure that you get the results you envision for the best budget.

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