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Search Engine Optimization in Dubai

Alt text, or alternative text, is a feature of web pages that allows you to add descriptive text to images. This feature can help your website rank better in search results and improve user experience. Alt Text is important to understand if you are looking for search engine optimization in Dubai or in any other country.

Essentially, Alt text is a text alternative for images. It’s also called alt attribute, alternative text, or simply alt.

Benefits of using alt text

  • Alt text is a way of improving accessibility for visually impaired users.
  • Alt text can be used to improve search engine rankings, click through rates and user experience.

How to write good alt text

  • Use the alt attribute to describe images.
  • Don’t reuse alt text for multiple images on a single page.
  • Keep your alt text concise and informative.

Include keywords that are relevant to the page content in your alt text if possible, but don’t overdo this—the keyword density of your site’s content should be enough for SEO purposes, and including too many keywords in one place might look unnatural or be difficult for users to understand what you’re trying to say. Agencies that provide search engine optimization in Dubai are experts in this field and know exactly how many keywords to use for every case.



Avoid using phrases like “image” or “picture” in your alt text; instead, use specific words that accurately describe what is shown in the picture (for example: “man riding motorcycle” instead of just “picture”).

Alt text is essential to SEO, but it’s not a replacement for images. Alt text should be descriptive and unique, but it’s best not to be too keyword-heavy. If you have several images of the same thing (like a series of screenshots), make sure that each one has its own alt text so that Google knows which image is which.

Alt text can be a useful component of your SEO strategy. Alt text can help you better optimise your website for search engines, which means that if your alt text is done right it could potentially result in more organic traffic to your site. You use alt text on your own, however, if you have no idea where to start, save your time and hire an agency that offers search engine optimization in Dubai. While alt text is not a replacement for your website title, it can be used to describe images that aren’t otherwise included in the page’s meta description (or meta keywords). This means that if someone searches for an image without looking at the source code and finds one of yours, they’ll know exactly what they’re looking at thanks to the alt tag and get some value out of it even if they don’t read further than this image description.

Alt text is a useful tool in the SEO arsenal. It’s not a cure-all, but it can help your website rank higher and get more traffic when used correctly. It’s also important to remember that alt text isn’t just for images—you can add alt text to any content on your site so that Googlebot understands what it’s seeing as well! If you do not know how to use alt text for your website, do not hesitate to hire a professional agency that offers search engine optimization in Dubai. The investment may look pretty small against the returns it generates!

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