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Meta tags are pieces of HTML coding that provide information about your website to the search engines. There are many different meta tags, but there are four that should be a part of every website: the title tag, the meta description, robot text files and sitemaps. Given the importance of meta tags, most business owners usually hire a dubai seo consultant to help them save time and get the best results.

To understand meta tags better, read on!

Intro to meta tags

Meta tags are invisible to users; they show up as blank spaces in a browser’s viewport.

This data is not visible on your page, but it’s accessible through the HTML source code. The meta title tag is used by search engines as the title of a webpage in search results, while other meta tags can provide additional information about content and more. Meta tags help searchers to decide whether your website has the content that they are looking for. Since this is the very first thing that is displayed on the SERP, it is usually better to hire a professional such as a  dubai seo consultant to help you drive more organic traffic on your website.

The most important thing you should know about meta tags is that they don’t actually contribute directly to rankings. They don’t influence how well your content will rank – instead, they help search engines understand what’s on each page and how relevant it is for specific searches.



The 4 types of meta tags

  • Title tags

This is the text you see as the title of your search results. It’s important to include this information so that users can identify what they’ll find on your page before clicking through. A title tag is what appears in search results, so when people click on that link, they’ll see whatever you’ve written in your title tag. The key here is to make sure you’re using both keywords and a clear description of what each page contains.

  • Meta description

Similar to a title tag, this is an opportunity to tell Google what your page is about (although not all search engines show it). It should be brief and contain keywords related to your content. In SEO, a meta description is the short text that appears below your page title in search results. This text is meant to summarise what your page is about, and can help users decide whether or not they want to click on your result.

  • Robots’ txt files

These files tell crawlers which pages on your website are important for indexing and which ones aren’t. You might have one specific file for each type of robot or have one file that applies across all robots visiting your site. If you don’t specify any instructions in these files, most crawlers will assume everything on the site is important!

It’s an easy way to block certain pages from being indexed and it can be used to tell search engines what the page is about, when it should be crawled and more. Robot txt files may seem a little too technical to you if you do not have experience creating websites. Hence, instead of learning the whole thing on your own, consider hiring a Dubai seo consultant to help you achieve the goals that you envision for your website.

  • Sitemaps

Used by crawlers when crawling large websites where there could be thousands or even millions of pages included within their indexing process; sitemaps give them guidance as to where exactly those pages are located within the site structure itself so they don’t waste time scanning through irrelevant ones by mistake (which would cause problems such as overloading hardware resources).

Meta tags are a very important part of SEO, but they can be difficult to get right. Hence, if you want more information about the same, the best way to do so is to get in touch with a  Dubai seo consultant to help you with the same.

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