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When you are planning a direct mail campaign you must always pay great attention to details because a simple error can cost you a lot once it's in the mail. So no matter how many pieces you will be sending out, you still need to go through the same basic steps to create your direct mail campaign and get it delivered. This checklist offers some general guidance.

  • Determine which lists you will be using, how many contacts you are targeting, with labels or not, personally addressed or not, etc
  • Clearly define your offer by pointing out all benefits, key features, etc
  • Craft your message so that it is as focused as possible
  • Clearly stated the offer in the headline
  • Make sure your offer is tempting and includes a call to action
  • Test your message with co-workers and friend to be sure that prospects will grab the offering in five seconds
  • If your product/service needs explanation, letters can be a great way to educate potential customers.
  • Include a reply mechanism to get customers feedback
  • Include all details of your offer on the reply card
  • Try to offer something for free, such as a free trial, free brochure, free gift, etc
  • Try to use customer reviews, reference to prizes your company won, ISO, etc
  • Ensure that customers can easily reach you
  • Make sure the customer knows how to pay for your product/service
  • Use a personal but professional tone
  • Ensure that your message is written from the customers perspective
  • Adding a P.S. can be a good idea if you are sending letters (The P.S. statement often gets read before the message itself)
  • Cut all superfluous stuff
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